As a market research and strategy firm, we know that qualitative research can generate a lot of very valuable data. When done correctly, it gives you a wealth of information  about market trends, and customer perceptions and opinions. It helps shape product development or go to market strategies so they  have the biggest positive impact on your business.

Techniques like doing an in-depth interview sound deceptively easy to do. But sadly, they're not that simple - asking leading questions, introducing concepts at the wrong time, or even discussing topics in a sub-optimal order can skew results. The results can come back unclear, or worse, you can draw the wrong conclusions altogether.

When it comes to designing, executing, and analyzing data from interviews, experience matters. 

Before starting the actual discussions, we work closely with you to understand what you want to know, and what decisions you might make based on what you learn. We'll let you know what techniques would work the best, and how to work as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Above all, we want you to learn as much as possible throughout the process, so you get smarter about the data, and get better at asking the right questions. 

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The Lightpoint Team