we help you truly understand business markets.

When you research a business market, you often need to ask a different set of questions. 

Who are the stakeholders, and who are the decision makers? What are the processes for making a decision? What are the criteria that will be used to evaluate a product? What are the key relationships in the sales process? Are the competitors other products in the same space, or are they substitutes that come from other areas? How do different roles perceive price and cost? And how is technology impacting the sales, marketing, adoption, support, or deployment processes?

We're a team of market research and strategy leaders who have over 20 years of experience doing research in business markets. We've worked for innovative startups, as well as some of the largest technology companies in the world. Sometimes we help make a decision affecting millions of customers and hundreds of millions in revenue. In other cases, we develop a cornerstone of the business strategy for a smaller company, and help it grow in a new or rapidly changing market.

Regardless of the context, our goals are the same: high quality research. That means we understand your ultimate goals, and design research that provides lasting value. It means managing trade offs between budgets, deadlines, detail, accuracy, and scope. And above all, it means working in partnership with you so you truly get what you need, even if that's not clear at the start of the work.

Email us at contact@lightpointgroup.com or call us at 425-533-9680 to find out how we can help.